Far Side

with Iggy Malmborg

© Nathalie Jufer


at the International Theatre Festival auawirleben Bern

14. – 16. May 2021

During the recent pandemic we have all got used to encounters mainly happening within the virtual – deprived of intimacy and community. The fundamental need of affiliation with the world through closeness with others has been reduced, hence the feeling of lack render an alerting aspect of everyday life. But when looking closely, is there not a level of solitude also in times when we can meet and touch each other as much as we like? Perhaps the isolation put upon us during the lock downs is nothing but a maximization of the unescapable human condition; loneliness. 

Far Side is a one-to-one piece of theatre that explores meetings between distant strangers, through imagination. An encounter in the flesh is an affair filled with written and unwritten laws of do’s and dont’s, in the imaginary however that contract is ripped apart. In my imagination of you, I can do or be exposed to anything, and get away with it. Far Side takes this freedom as its fuel and opens a plain that balances on the thin line between intimacy and transgression.

The one-to-one format might sound like an interactive nightmare, but when entering Far Side there is no outer gaze falling upon you, no one will see or hear you, nobody will judge your behavior, you are safe. In this piece the audience member is a mere projection screen for imagination and free to fully project back without consequences.