La cabane – the cabin

Sound and space performance in the woods

en français

in a forest cabin

at Festival Belluard Bollwerk International 2018

A forest path beside a stream leads to an abandoned cabin. As the visitor crosses the threshold, the stories of two women appear in fragments of sounds and images. Overwhelmed by her everyday life, one of these women sought refuge here recently. The other one, Elisabeth von Matt – a fighter, with unshakable convictions, committed to women’s social rights – spent some time here in the 1870s. The link between the two is the cabin, the shelter it offers and the memories it holds – an overlapping of fates. Beyond big historical facts, Sandra Forrer unfurls passions, disillusionment, love stories and the ties that connect us beyond time.

Artistic direction: Sandra Forrer, Dramaturgy: Simona Travaglianti, Voice: Isabelle Freymond, Martin Schick, Technical support: Ilana Walker, Diffusion: Kathrin Walde